Carmen Gentile , a past president and for several years a member of the Board of Directors of the Energy Bar Association, is a nationally recognized energy lawyer. He has appeared before the FERC and its predecessor the FPC since 1971 in matters involving all aspects of the Federal Power Act. Carmen also has successfully argued several appeals in the U.S. Courts of Appeal on a wide range of FERC and FERC-related issues.

Carmen's experience includes contract drafting, negotiation and litigation; defense against claims of imprudence, anticompetitive behavior, and conduct in putative violation of FERC rules; and assertion of stranded cost recovery rights. Carmen has submitted numerous applications for FERC approval of mergers, other asset transactions, and changes in corporate control, and has been extensively involved in aspects of public utility bankruptcies. His expertise includes power supply markets; market-based rates; transmission tariffs; renewable energy; generator interconnections; nuclear decommissioning; hydro, QF, EWG and PUHCA issues; and all aspects of ratemaking and rate design. He is familiar with FERC regulation under the Natural Gas Act, potential impacts of EPA’s Clean Power Plan and the energy business in general.

Carmen has represented investors, hedge funds, and privately-owned electric utilities, including vertically integrated utilities, owners of generation and distribution systems, electric transmission owners, and independent power producers. He served as FERC counsel to the California Power Exchange. He has also represented cooperatives and municipal electric systems that own generation and transmission assets. He also has assisted local counsel in electricity matters before state regulatory commissions.

Carmen served in the U.S. Army Reserve and in the U.S. Foreign Service as a vice consul in Palermo, Italy. He graduated from Harvard College and the University of Pennsylvania Law School.