Channing Strother Heads Panel on “Utility Revenue Erosion from Behind the Meter Generation” at the Energy Bar Association’s Annual Meeting in Washington, DC;
Authors Book Review for the Energy Law Journal

Channing headed  and presented at the EBA’s Annual Meeting an afternoon panel on “Utility Revenue Erosion from Behind the Meter Generation,” featuring prominent speakers from all sides of this topic, including the recently former General Counsel of the California Public Utility Commission.  Alleged utility revenue erosion and alleged inequitable cost shifts to customers without behind the meter generation from those with such generation, has become a hot topic following an Edison Electric Institute study that concluded behind the meter generation was a financial threat to conventional utilities due to load loss and the need to provide backup to such generation.  Particularly at issue is solar generation which is run “against the meter” and effectively compensated by the savings of energy rates based on both capacity and energy supply utility costs.

Channing also reviewed  Drs. Jonathan Lesser and Leonardo Giacchino’s recent second edition of their Fundamentals of Energy Regulation, a prominent and now very current economic (and to large extent, as Channing relates, legal) text covering virtually all aspects of electricity and natural gas regulation, federal, state, and international.

Channing is the immediate past chairman of the EBA’s Electricity Regulation Committee.  During the past year under his chairmanship, among other things, the committee sponsored seminars on electric and gas coordination and Federal Power Act Section 203, and published an annual survey of developments in electricity regulation in the Energy Law Journal.

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