FERC has jurisdiction over the interstate transportation and storage of natural gas, the interstate transmission of electric power, electric rates, the market operations of RTOs, the certification of LNG import terminals, hydroelectric licensing, and enforcement (backed by fines) of several statutes, including the Natural Gas Act, the Natural Gas Policy Act, the Federal Power Act, the Energy Policy Act of 2005, and a range of environmental issues.

Mogel & Sweet provide representation in connection with the application of FERC’s rulings. These rulings and regulations often have significant implications on current and planned business operations for both regulated and unregulated companies, such as large end-users. For our clients, we monitor the regulatory environment and tailor a comprehensive and successful regulatory strategy that will deliver maximum impact at a reasonable cost. This can involve a number of strategic actions, including participation in adjudicatory and generic proceedings. In instances, when the FERC’s orders are challenged in the Court of Appeals, Mogel & Sweet will provide representation throughout the appellate process. Because of Mogel & Sweet’s presence in Washington, D.C., legal expertise and familiarity with Commissioners and Senior Staff, our clients have been able to achieve their goals.