A comprehensive energy strategy needs to include careful attention to the legislative branch in addition to the actions of the executive branch agencies and the courts. Mogel & Sweet has worked with members of Congress, their staff as well as the numerous committees with jurisdiction over energy issues. We have extensive experience providing legislative advocacy services and building broad–based coalitions that can help produce action and results.

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

EPA has broad jurisdiction over issues that impact land, water, air, and climate, all of which can involve the activities of energy industry participants. Mogel & Sweet has clients before the EPA in connection with its regulation of environmental issues, such as those related to power generation and production of fossil fuels.


Mogel & Sweet has long standing experience in representing companies and industries involved with international energy transactions and policies. This experience includes work regarding imports and exports of electricity, natural gas and LNG, as well as clean and efficient power generation. In Washington we provide representation on matters involving international financial institutions such as the World Bank, Inter-American Development Bank and the Export Import Bank. Significantly, our professionals have built relationships with the numerous embassies and international institutions located in the nation’s capital.

Trade Associations

Mogel & Sweet has represented and advised numerous energy-related trade associations and their members on energy issues, organized coalitions for amicus filings in appellate proceedings, reviewed and drafted trade association legal and board documents, and provided guidance and advice to associations on strategic and management issues. We can also help your company build strategic coalitions with trade associations and other non-profit organizations as part of your comprehensive   government relations strategy.