Start ups and tech companies have more opportunities than ever but things are much more complex. There is a revolution in the technology and startup company space with the development of crowd funding and other platforms that more directly link entrepreneurs and investors. These include, Kickstarter, innovation campuses like 1776dc, business school and alumni entrepreneurial programs, and innovation accelerators. The result is a more dynamic and confusing environment that has greatly increased options for investors and entrepreneurs beyond the traditional options of self funding, angel networks, and investment firms.
We can creatively guide you through this complex process – End-to-end, from start up to a profitable exit strategy. We can be a valuable partner for your technology, social network, energy, or other endeavor. We have years of experience in working with technology companies, engineering firms, government and private sector contracting, arranging financing, and working with audit firms, boards of directors and other stakeholders. Our practical solutions from expert attorneys and former CEOs include:
  • End-to-end support from the idea stage to an exit strategy 
  • Creating the company, developing corporate documents, and advising on creating the Board of Directors and advisory committees
  • Helping with funding options -- from crowd funding and angel investors to traditional venture capital firms
  • Drafting and negotiating employment agreements, non-disclosure and non-compete agreements, leases, sales, vendor, joint venture, and other agreements
  • Developing, protecting and monetizing intellectual property
  • Counseling and negotiating across the broad range of ongoing business transactions to help  your profitability, license technology, negotiate marketing, distribution and representation agreements in US and internationally, export financing, and exit strategies. 
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