William A. Mogel is an internationally known energy lawyer, expert witness, speaker and legal author. He routinely appears before FERC and has been engaged in the Agency’s numerous adjudicatory, rulemaking orders and policy decisions affecting the natural gas and power industries, as well as advising on compliance and enforcement issues. He also has been retained in connection with natural gas, electric, and LNG import/export proceedings at DOE.

In his nearly 35 years of private practice he also has provided representation in connection with pipeline transportation and certificate issues, licensing of LNG terminals RTO tariffs and regulatory issues unique to wind farms and solar projects.

In addition to his private practice, Mr. Mogel, is the founder of The Energy Law Journal, and Editor of Energy Law and Transactions (7 volumes) and Regulation of the Gas Industry (5 volumes) both published by LexisNexis. His writings on energy law issues have been cited by the Supreme Court and several courts. He also has been quoted in several general circulation publications, including Bloomberg Government.  He also has been an adjunct at American University Law School and a Guest Lecturer at Comenius University in the Slovak Republic. Mr. Mogel has received many awards, including a summer internship program named in his honor at the U. S. Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee.

Mr. Mogel is a cum laude graduate of Hobart College and the University of Pennsylvania Law School. Prior to entering private practice, he was a Captain in the U.S. Army and served as a Congressional Liaison for the Army Surgeon General. Upon his discharge from the Army, he was appointed a Trial Attorney in the Department of Justice's Civil Division. Mr. Mogel is a member of the District of Columbia and Maryland Bars.

Recently, the United States Supreme Court in Oneok v.Learjet 575 U.S. - (April 21, 2015) cited one of Mr. Mogel's publications as authority on the regulatory structure of the natural gas industry. This is the second time that Mr. Mogel's writings have been cited as an authority by the Supreme Court.